A few of the amazing & inspiring people I’ve worked with have had nice things to say about working with me – here are a few of them.↓

“Sarah is an incredibly supportive and non-judgmental life coach. She helped to develop my confidence and teach me the value of creative visualization. While working with Sarah through a career change, I more than tripled my salary and found a challenging position that supports both my career goals and greater life goals.”   -Kelsey W., UX /UI Designer, NYC

“If you long to get unstuck and build the life and career you want, make an investment in yourself and book a session with Sarah. She is my go-to life coach to keep me inspired, motivated and empowered.”   -Kat H., Social Work, NYC

“This lady rocks! She is awesome!!! I highly recommend her for anything that you are looking for. She can guide you step by step and on top of this she replies you right away with amazing ideas and solutions.”   -Valquiria O., Business Owner, Chicago