You are so ready for this.

And that’s why you’re here.

Whether you’re looking to commit to personal growth, transition into a new, fulfilling line of work, or improve your professional prospects – you’re ready.

You have goals, ideas, and big plans – and you know you have the potential to achieve them.

But there’s a problem.

You know what you want, but you’re not quite sure how to get there. You may have asked yourself, “Where do I start?” or have already embarked on your journey only to have become sidetracked, discouraged, or distracted.

That’s exactly why you and I should work together.

I’m Sarah Corday and I’m a certified, professional Life Coach, Speaker, and Author.

I specialize in connecting people to their higher selves and I LOVE working with individuals seeking to live life at their fullest potential. My clients include corporate executives, mid/senior level managers, finance experts, and elementary school teachers.

No matter what your background is, you’re ready for more. And it’s high time for a new beginning, a new career, a new start.

A new, clear approach to your life and career.

Watch this short video. Afterwards, connect with me here so I can learn more about you!

“I appreciate Sarah’s insight, vision, listening skills, and her ability to ask the right questions at the right time. I will definitely use her services again in the future. I highly recommend her for anyone seeking clarity, vision, or a new perspective in your personal life or professional life. She is truly amazing.”

Vicki M., Chicago

“I was referred to sarah by a friend, and I’m so thankful we found each other! She saw qualities in myself that I had hidden and brought them to light. I’m incredibly grateful for Sarah and her professional coaching skills. She’s helped me start the next chapter, and I’m so excited for what is next to come!”

Caroline T., Chicago

VIDEO: How to Become More Self-Aware

You know those nagging, pesky feelings you have when a social interaction didn’t quite go your way? Or when you find yourself repeating the same mistakes with people over and over again and you can’t figure out why? We’re all different and the reasons why we behave the way do vary from person to person […]

Comfot Kills Life Coach Sarah Corday


Whenever I think about comfort, I think about my sister. She has the perfect candles and tea mugs and indie-alternative playlists to make a room feel super cozy. I think about her penchant for physical comfort in a  figurative sense as an illustration of how many choose to live their life. Now, here I’m not […]

Stories with Life Coach Sarah Corday

VIDEO: A Story for You

Everyone loves a story. Seriously, isn’t it the best when your friend or co-worker or the cool girl in your Pilates class pulls on your sleeve and says, “I’ve got a story for you…” It is. If you’ve visited my site before, you know that I love talking about things like how to overcome limiting […]

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