Sarah Corday is a certified Life and Career Coach who began her life coaching program in Chicago after spending three and a half years volunteering in South America.

She holds a dual certification from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University (“Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence”, and “Conversations that Inspire: Coaching, Learning, Leadership, and Change”). Her clients include corporate executives, recent college graduates, senior level managers, event promoters, UI/UX designers, musicians, and elementary school teachers.

Sarah works with individuals who are determined to overcome personal blocks and obstacles, and her areas of expertise include public speaking, managing career transitions, and overcoming Imposter Syndrome.

Life Coach Sarah Corday

Sarah has a background in freelance writing, art consulting, and public speaking. Her writing can be found in both print and digital publications.

To connect with Sarah, or inquire about speaking engagements and rates, please click here.

I reached out to Sarah to help me prepare for an upcoming interview. It was going to be a long process with several rounds and I needed to be ready for anything. Sarah jumped right in and really helped me clarify my narrative and build a strong candidate story. She also took the time to  really dig into practice interview questions with me so I could more succinctly communicate impactful answers. She was willing to lean into all areas of prep and helped me feel incredibly prepared for the process. With her help, I successfully landed the new role!I highly recommend her for all things interview-prep related. She won’t disappoint. 

Jaclyn D., New York

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Life and Career Coach Sarah Corday

Adversity: A Gift that Doesn’t Feel Like One

In 1996, Tom Brady arrived in Ann Arbor as a seventh-string quarterback for the Michigan Wolverines.

Described by NFL scouts as “skinny” and having a “poor build” and a player who “lacks a really strong arm,” he was the 199th overall pick in the 2000 NFL Draft. 30 teams passed on him.

And yet, in February of 2021, Brady won his seventh Super Bowl, the only player in history to do so.

How did this skinny kid from California who was routinely passed up by coaches and scouts end up becoming a world champion?

One word: Adversity.

Personally, I don’t believe “everything happens for a reason.” Or that tragedy befalls us solely so that we can “learn what we’re made of.”

I do, however, believe that adversity- or difficulty in life – is a tremendous gift. Why?

Because during all our years living on this planet, it’s almost a guarantee that we’ll face obstacles. And often, we’ll endure hardships and setbacks that are completely out of our control.

But interestingly, it seems like those who face the most obstacles in life also find the greatest success.

Why is this?

Because facing obstacles and getting told “no” has taught these people how to persevere. Having dealt with criticism and failed attempts, they don’t give up when they face a setback. They’re not blindsided when new difficulties arise. In fact, they expect them. As a result, they develop endurance and resilience that trains them to overcome any obstacle. And because of all this adversity, they become stronger.

Are you facing a setback in life right now? Have you, despite your best efforts, met with a trial or problem that’s completely out of your control?

Then you, my friend, are fortunate. You’ve been handed one of life’s big gifts that seems like the opposite of a gift.

Because by facing adversity, you’re being given the opportunity to dig deep inside yourself and discover hidden strengths you didn’t know you had.

A year after being drafted to the New England Patriots, Brady famously told owner Robert Kraft, “I’m the best decision this organization has ever made. You’ll never regret picking me.” After years of adversity, Brady had developed an almost super-human ability to succeed.

So don’t give up. Sail the rough seas, navigate through the storms. When you come out on the other side, the hard part will be behind you. What’s more, you’ll be ever more aware of how strong you truly are.

What’s helped you overcome adversity? Comment below!

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Sarah Corday Life Coach

Don’t Find Your Castle, Build Your Castle

Imagine I dumped bag full of blocks in front a child and said, “Find the castle!”

The child would probably stare at the pile for a moment, perplexed, and then start picking up each block individually, searching in vain for a medievil fortress.

Now, imagine I did the same thing but instead said, “Build a castle!”

Now, the child’s objective has changed completely. Rather than looking for something that’s supposedly hidden amongst the rubble before him, he can now take an active role in building something completely original.

Instead of a seeker, he becomes a creator. What’s more, he’s now actually thinking creatively, instead of trying to follow a pre-established set of rules or guidelines.

Don’t find the castle, build the castle

Have you ever been told that you need to “find yourself”? This adage makes it seem like there’s some complete, fully-formed version of you out there, just waiting to be found! All you have to do is travel or meditate or get the right job or drink an ancient herbal tea and sure enough, you’ll find that person.

But really, this whole notion is kind of absurd, which is why I love the quote below:

Life isn’t about finding yourself. it’s about creating yourself.”

George Bernard Shaw

Shaw said it best: in our quest for identity, we don’t find ourselves. We create ourselves. There’s not some self-actualized version of ourselves already out there, but we can create one.

We can do this by viewing each lesson, struggle, relationship, and epiphany as though it were another block to the castle we spend our lives building.

Take, for example, Spanx creator Sara Blakely. She was earning a living selling fax machines when one day she stopped and said, “Wait a minute – this isn’t my movie. This isn’t the way I want my life to be.” Years later, after a brilliant idea, a patent, and learning how to improve upon the way hosiery was manufactured, she became the owner of a company now worth $1 billion.

Blakely did a hard stop when she realized her life wasn’t the one she wanted – and she built the one she did want.

We can do the same. We can take a proactive role in our own life construction project by getting super clear on the life we want to live, instead of the life that others want us to live, orsearching for one that’s been recommended to us by society.

What’s one way to do this? Start by creating your Personal Vision statement.

In my next post, I’ll show you how.

Until then, remember: don’t find the castle, build the castle.

*Above photo is of me in Jodhpur, India in 2019, and yes, technically, it’s a photo of me “finding” a castle. However, traveling to India had been on my vision board for years and was definitely a life goal, so I can safely say I was also “building” my castle. 🙂

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Career Coaching Worksheet Sarah Corday

WORKSHEET: Get Clear on Your Strengths

I’m not sure which Greek philosopher said it, but “know thyself” is an adage that’s been around for centuries.

I’m sure you’ve heard those two words, or some variation of them, several times before, right?

And the truth is, knowing yourself is foundational to the way you interact with the world around you.

Seriously! When you’ve got a clear picture of who you are, you’ll make better choices, have stronger relationships, and avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. You’ll know which pathways to avoid, and which opportunities to say “yes!” to.

However, as human beings, we’re constantly changing, so getting to know ourselves is a lifelong pursuit. But we have to start somewhere, so here’s what I recommend:

Start with your strengths.

Often, the first thing I do when I meet with clients is to perform a Personal Strength Assessment. By doing this, I get a pretty good idea of someone’s strengths and abilities, and we can then work toward leveraging these strengths in their career.

Today, to help you do this for yourself, I created a free, downloadable worksheet!

It’s specifically designed for people who want to get a better grasp on their professional identity so that they can understand their specific areas of expertise.

To get the most out of this worksheet, I recommend first writing your answers to the 8 questions by yourself, and then – if you’d like – asking for a trusted friend’s input. That way, you have a better chance of making your own valuable self-discoveries before adding another voice to the mix.

You can download the worksheet here:

Once you click the button, it’ll pop up in a new tab in your browser window. You don’t have to enter your email or do anything else – just click and download or print it for yourself!

I hope you come away form this exercise with more insight about your strengths, and therefore who you are as a person and a professional.

And if you feel like sharing any of your insights, please comment below – I’d love to hear them!

Hey, before you go, want to get coaching from Sarah delivered straight to your inbox? Subscribe below to receive updates, career tips, and effective exercises that will most definitely up-level your life and career! (You’ll also get a copy of my free audio training “How to Ace your Next Interview”).

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