Life Coaching 101

Life Coaching , though in the twilight of its “newness”,  is a profession that is quickly gaining momentum and garnering respect across several industries.

Looking to improve your relationships? Hire a Life Coach. Want to maximize your professional and personal creativity? You need a Life Coach. Struggling to get past internal blocks that are hindering you at work? Honey, get you a Life Coach.

No matter who you are, the answer to “Do I need a Life Coach?” is a resounding YES, because the R & H Truth is that at some point or another, everyone has confronted obstacles in his or her life. These obstacles have either slowed progress or hindered it altogether, and the people who most gracefully surpass them are always the recipient of  some form of life coaching, be it in the form of a family member, colleague, or friend.

So whether you know it or not, chances are, you’ve already been coached in some capacity. However –

Hiring a professional coach will help you get results faster.

This is because coaching – unlike mentoring – is a very focused, concentrated process. It’s the difference between hiring a personal trainer to help you sculpt your obliques and doing a standard 20 minutes on the elliptical. Both are good exercise, but the trainer will help you set specific goals and get you further, faster.

“Working with a Life Coach can help you find your hidden skills and talents as well as hone your existing ones,” says Tom Cassano, a coach and  frequent contributor to the Huffington Post.  “Your Life Coach will become part of your team, guiding you, aiding you, and helping you find your best self as you go along in chasing your dreams.”

Find out more about Life Coaching here.



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