Our Need for Renewal

cell phone

According to a recent study, Instagram ranks as the #1 worst form of social media for your mental health and well-being.


For most of us, this comes as no surprise. If you’ve found yourself checking the ‘gram multiple times and thus going through a familiar bout of FOMO, you’re on the same boat as the nearly 1,500 people that participated in the study.

Anxiety, along with those tiny bouts of stress we experience throughout our day, are unavoidable. So how can we counteract them?

With renewal.

Renewal is characterized by a positive emotion or sensation you get by doing something that induces pleasure or peace of mind. It can be as simple as glancing at a picture of your chocolate lab Baxter or going for a latte on your lunch break.

Sure, all of us are accustomed to taking breaks throughout the day, but LBR, how often do these “breaks” include scrolling through your feed and getting dealt a batch of #bestdayever photos from your close-but-not-that-close friends in Maui? This is not renewal, this is a reminder that you’re sitting on a cold park bench while your frenemies toss Frisbees on the beach

So put your phone aside. Face down, so you can’t see that tiny light beam that indicates you have a new message. ย Challenge yourself to a moment of renewal that lasts at least ten minutes without your phone intruding.

Since we tend to absorb and remember negative emotions more powerfully than positive ones, it’s important that actively pursue positive moments of renewal after a period of stressful or negative events.

So take renewal breaks throughout your day, as much as you can.

In another post, I’ll discuss some of my personal favorite renewal methods..


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