3 Reasons You Need a Vision Board in Your Life

Remember when you were a kid and spent afternoons cutting magazine pictures out of Seventeen and Vogue and pasted them all over your school notebooks?

If you were a kid growing up in the 90s you do.

When I started working on my most recent vision board, I was brought back to those  pre-millenium days, when “the cloud” did not yet exist and the only Smartphone I owned was the non-cordless landline I begged my dad to install in my room.

So I have to say it was a bit of challenge to create the Vision Board you see above  ↑↑↑ because currently,  every inspirational picture I own consists of a screenshot I’ve snapped on my phone and saved in a folder labeled “Mood”.  Yes, gone are the days when pictures were easily clipped from magazines and Delia’s catalogues – these days, transferring inspiration from the digital to the physical requires outside help, and in my case, help came in the form of a drugstore photo printer. Times, how they change.

But all that aside, I found myself loving the act of creating this board! It was like daydreaming, but with a more focused intent, and I could really feel my goals as they took shape before me.

If you’re not aware of the psychology behind Vision Boards, read below to discover 3 Reasons why this powerful tool can help you accomplish your life goals  – and why you should create one yourself.

1.  Make the Abstract Real

Think about a time you went shopping for a new sweater. You combed through piles of synthetic fiber and merino wool until you found one that was “just ok” and would do the trick. Or you grew frustrated and went home.

Now think about a time you went shopping for a pale pink cashmere tunic with ruffled sleeves and cut-out shoulders. You easily scanned the racks and shelves until you found a piece that matched your description and weren’t distracted by the items that didn’t.

This mental shopping trip illustrates the difference between having a general idea of what your goals are and have a specific, detailed picture of what you want to achieve in your life. By creating a vision board that contains specific imagery, you are preparing your mind to notice your dream opportunities when they present themselves, and not be distracted by the “just ok” opportunities that don’t excite you.

2. What you Focus on Expands

When we were 18 and 19, my sister and I took a course to get our motorcycle licenses, and the instructor gave us some sage advice: If you’re on the road and start to veer off to the right shoulder, redirect you gaze sharply to the left and back to the center of your lane. Look in the direction toward where you want to go, not where you don’t want to go. I remember thinking this advice was useful not only to prevent a nasty case of road rash, but also to avoid heading in a similar “oh no” direction in life. A vision board will help you to avoid focusing on the things you don’t want to attract into your life (a boring job, a so-so realtionship), and instead focus on what you do want to create for yourself (a career that you love, a realtionship that energizes you).

For emaple: If you want a better apartment, find pictures of the exact dwelling you’d love to have, complete with a spiral staircase and a balcony overlooking Big Sur. If you desperately want to publish your memoir, gather pictures of someone hard at work typing their life story, or sample designs of  your future book cover. A Vision Board is an assembled collage of your ideal reality – without regard to perceived cost or feasibility – and it’s something beautiful and postitive to focus on every single day.

3. Prep Your Mind

Olympic athletes are widely known to spend time visualizing their victory before they compete. Mentally, they run their course or rehearse their routine, going through every motion and turn in their mind. Many athletes have said that the mental energy they put into their game is almost as important as the physical training they do!

When you create a Vision Board of your ideal reality, you are essentially preparing your mind to recognize and receive all the good you want in your life, and you’re way more likely grab hold of opportunities as they present themselves to you. ♥



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