The One Self-Truth I Wish Everyone Knew

Sometimes, we are our own worst critics.

If you’ve ever laid in bed at night and replayed all the things you’ve said throughout and then groaned, thinking, “Ugh, why did I say that?”, please keep reading – this post is for you.

As human beings, we tend to be ego-centric and see the world as it relates to us. We unwittingly fool ourselves into believing we’re the center of the Universe.

But here’s the thing; we’re not. So the next time you’re tossing and turning and having an all-out groan-fest, please remember this.

It’s not about you.

Think about it. While your ego-centric mind reflects on each time you said or did something cringeworthy, your boss, co-workers, neighbors, friends, and casual acquaintances are all doing the same thing! This is because we’re far more focused on ourselves than we care to admit.

And trust me, half of the time we feel sheepish about blurting out the wrong answer during a work meeting or having an awkward exchange with a person we’ve just met, they’re not criticizing us, they’re too busy obsessing about how they’re coming off.

This is why we immediately forget someone’s name seconds after they’ve introduced themselves; we’re so busy trying to make a good first impression that we forget to listen to the very person we’re talking to!

So give yourself a break at the end of each day. Feel liberated in knowing that, even though your inner critic tries to argue otherwise, no one is really that concerned about lil’ ole you. 🙂


It’s not about you.

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