VIDEO: How to Be More Confident

If confidence could be bottled and sold, it’d be a billion dollar industry.

And personally, I’d buy a bottle at least as regularly as I buy an iced draft latte from La Colombe (have you tried these? Amazing!).

As far as I’m aware, the Drink and Grow Confident potion doesn’t yet exist. But here’s the good news: just like anyone can develop a six-pack if they really work at it, anyone can develop self-confidence.


It all comes down to putting forth the effort and doing regular (mental) exercise to train yourself.

In the video below, I’ll show you two ways to be more confident in social situations.

This is a must-watch for anyone who regularly attends networking events or conferences in their line of work.

Take a look by clicking below.

Do you have a habit or routine that you do before walking into social situations? I’d love to hear about it! Comment below!

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