Comfot Kills Life Coach Sarah Corday


Whenever I think about comfort, I think about my sister.

She has the perfect candles and tea mugs and indie-alternative playlists to make a room feel super cozy.

I think about her penchant for physical comfort in a  figurative sense as an illustration of how many choose to live their life.

Now, here I’m not talking about pillows and Himalayan salt lamps – I’m talking about the decisions and choices we make.

All too often, instead of stepping outside of our comfort zone, we make move in an effort to create an imaginary fortress around ourselves – with the goal of being safe and protected.

Does this sound like you? If so, please know that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to live a comfortable life.

The problem arises when we pursue comfort as the primary objective in our lives.

Watch this short video to learn why I often use the catchphrase “Comfort Kills,” and how I’ve personally tested the limits of my own comfort.

Thanks for watching! Do you have a hard time stepping out of your comfort zone? What rewards have come your way after making an uncomfortable move? Comment below!

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