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WORKSHEET: Goal-Setting and Greek Menu Syndrome

Have you ever noticed how menus at Greek restaurants have dozens of options that are seemingly unrelated? Gyros, lentils, cheeseburgers, polish sausage, fries, stuffed grape leaves, and grilled lamb – and that’s just page one.

You stare at the menu, overwhelmed. How do you choose, especially when polish sausage and spinach pies don’t seem to be following any particular culinary theme?

Once you finally make a decision, there’s always that pesky feeling that you should’ve ordered something else.

Decision Paralysis – or what I affectionately call Greek Menu Syndrome – is what happens to us when we’re presented with too many options.

This is because – contrary to what you might think – an abundance of choice can actually leave us feeling dissatisfied with our final selection. The sheer quantity of options overloads rather than invigorates us, and we end up feeling uncertain instead of empowered.

Goal-Setting and Greek Menu Syndrome

So how does this relate to goal-setting?

Well, now that we’re in a new year, you might have several goals that you want to tackle over the next twelve months.

However, in the spirit of the scientifically-backed “less is more” ideology, I recommend narrowing your BIG goals down to your Top 3 Priorities.

Why just three?

Well, for one thing, to achieve a level of mastery at anything, you’ve got to be hyper-focused. So if a big priority for you is learning how to play guitar, you’ll be far more effective if you dedicate regular and consistent energy toward this one goal instead of dividing your focus across several smaller goals.

Second, you could make the mistake of creating a list of goals that’s a half a mile long only to run out of steam and end up accomplishing: none of them.

Instead, why not give some serious thought to the Top 3 things you want to devote your precious time and energy to this year, and then focus on being an absolute BOSS in those areas?

To help you with this, I created a brand-new PDF worksheet, and it can be yours right now.

This worksheet is designed to help you get super-clear on your Top Three Priorities. It’ll guide you with specific questions and writing prompts AND help you to transform broad, hazy ideas into specific actionable steps. Get it now by clicking this button:

If you want, you can print the worksheet and fill it out in the blank space provided. However, if you’re more of a digital nomad, you can download it to your phone or tablet and then follow the prompts on your own.

In either case, I recommend handwriting your answers in either a notebook or calendar, since what we write by hand tends to stick in our mind waaaay more effectively than things we type.

Want to share your Top 3 Priorities for the new year? I’d LOVE to hear them! Comment below!

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