Don’t Wait to Get Picked. Pick Yourself.

Author and blogger Seth Godin talks a lot about getting “picked.”

In a 2015 interview with Bryan Elliot he said,

All of us are surrounded by people who cant wait to get picked. (But) If you want to make a record, make a record. Put it on Itunes. Pick yourself. If you want to write, write. Build a blog. Pick yourself.”

Seth Godin

Can you relate?

I know I’ve certainly had times in my life where I was waiting to “get picked.”

Back in my theater days, I was dying to “get picked” for the lead role. I entered various essay contests and hoped my contributions would “get picked” for publication.

But Seth’s point is a great reminder that, in this modern world of social media and instant connectivity, creating your own platform has never been easier.

If you want to write, you can set up a blog on Squarespace or WordPress in a few hours.

If you want to make music, you can upload your songs to Spotify or iTunes.

And if you’re not sure how to use these platforms, you can watch free tutorials on YouTube that will give you a step-by-step explanation.

Now, I know that time and technical know-how are not the only barriers to getting started. Often, self-doubt is the biggest hurdle to overcome.

Is this something you struggle with? If so, think about your favorite writer or influencer or musician or actor. Chances are, they too had to manage a lot of self-doubt before they began their journey. But aren’t you so glad they persevered so they could produce the books, songs, or Instagram feeds that you love and value? Of course!

There are plenty of situations in life where we can’t control the outcome. But if there’s something you want to create, or if you’ve got an idea to express, now is one of the most incredible times in history to share your voice!

So don’t wait to get picked. Pick yourself.

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