Your Inner Dialogue – Why it Matters

Your internal dialogue – that “voice” that’s present during your every waking moment – is a tricky thing.

It echoes through your mind – day in, day out – sometimes so subtly you barely notice.

Have you ever spoken up at a work meeting, and then immediately criticized yourself? “That was a stupid thing to say,” you think, inwardly shaking your head and rolling your eyes.

Or, while listening to a group of people talk about the latest books they’ve read, you might harshly say to yourself, “I am so dumb. I never read and have no idea what these people are talking about. I have nothing to contribute to this conversation.”

If you recognize and can relate to the above scenarios, you’re not alone. As sentient and intelligent beings, we all have a steady stream of internal dialogue running through our heads. The key is to take control and master it so that we can use it for good, and not allow it to punish us.

As writer Adam Brady puts it,

When our internal dialogue is dark, negative, and dismal, we see a world filtered through those qualities. Conversely, when we have positive, uplifting, and optimistic internal dialogue, we perceive those states as the backdrop of our life.

-Adam Brady, “6 Tips to Master your Inner Dialogue”

The thing is, it’s all too easy to be our own worst critic, quickly chastising ourselves for saying or doing the wrong thing. But what about commending ourselves, or cheering ourselves on?

What about telling yourself, “You really did your best on that project, and now your whole team will benefit. You’re such a diligent, hard-working rock star!”

Try this:

Today, try to take note of the positive things that happen to you throughout the day. Make a list of compliments you receive, kind words given to you by your co-workers or friends, and let these things reverberate through your mind.

The more positively we speak to ourselves, the more positive we’ll become —-> and the more we’ll attract good and desirable things into our lives. ♥

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