VIDEO: Counteract Negativity with this Quick Trick

It may not surprise you that we’re more affected by negative emotions than positive ones.

In fact one neurologist said that our brains are like Teflon for positive emotions and Velcro for negative ones.

So that means that negativity – whether a thought, an interaction, or a
piece of bad news – is really sticky, while positivity tends to slide off us like water. Crazy, right?

But wait, there’s more.

Studies suggest that negative emotions outweigh positive ones 5 to 1. So that means for every 1 ugly thing that happens, you’ve got to
do 5 positive things – just to get back at your baseline!

But don’t worry- there’s hope.

Here’s a trick that I use all the time.

It’s called the 5-to-1 ratio and it’s pretty simple. Watch this video to learn exactly how to do it.

Do you have a favorite, tried-and-true way of dealing with negativity? Comment below!

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