Stop the Anxiety Loop - Sarah Corday

Stop the Anxiety Loop

Remember years ago when everyone was getting those digital photo frames?

My grandma had one, and I remember staring at it in a state of mild hypnosis, watching family photo after family photo slide by in a never ending circuit.

Recently, that image came to mind as I was thinking bout anxiety.

For anyone who’s gone through an episode of minor or major stress lately (*ahem, all of us*) the digital photo frame is probably a familiar reference.

You know the feeling. Something starts to worry you, and the next thing you know you’re on a mental merry-go-round, caught in a cycle of stressful, circular thinking.

I call this pattern of thinking the Anxiety Loop, and it’s exhausting. And yet, for most of us, it’s becoming more frequent or familiar.

In this video, I’ll share a technique I developed to specifically combat the Anxiety Loop.

Click below to watch the video.

Thanks for watching! I hope you found this technique useful. Do you periodically suffer bouts of anxiety? What techniques have you found helpful? Comment below!

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