How to be more adaptable

VIDEO: How to Be More Adaptable (Exercise Included)

Years ago, the Harvard Business Review published an article about how adaptability was “the new competitive advantage.”

Another article written on the subject stated that this quality has two main parts:

Flexibility, or a person’s willingness to adapt.

And versatility, or your ability to adapt.

Both Einstein and Silicon Valley legend Andrew Grove cite adaptability as key factors contributing to success in any given field.

Clearly, adaptability is super important.

But what if you struggle to make changes? What if you find yourself being a little Type A, a little “I-don’t-like-change,” a little bit too married to a previously held structure and routine?

In today’s video, I’ll tell you a little story about how I recently saw adaptability in action. I’ll also give you three writing prompts that will help kick-start your brain into a more creative mode. Watch the video by clicking below!

How have you adapted in the year 2020? Comment below!

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