Recommended Books Sarah Corday

3 Books that will Instantly Make you More Creative, Informed, and Emotionally Intelligent

Fellow Students of Life, I have some book recommendations for you.

They’re not the newest bestseller. They’re definitely not fiction (I read almost exclusively nonfiction, actually. Isn’t the stuff that REALLY happens to people far more interesting anyway?)

Here are a handful of solid titles that have majorly influenced me over the years.

The $100 Startup, by Chris Guillebeau

I first discovered Chris Guillebeau back in 2011 at a hot springs resort in Colorado. Random, right? A woman I met there mentioned his first book, and I was immediately intrigued. I bought his other book, The $100 Startup after hearing Chris speak at an event here in Chicago back in 2016. This title is a great entry point for anyone looking for the confidence to start a side hustle, and includes guidance for creating a one-page business plan. Favorite chapter: Give Them the Fish.

Lean In, by Sheryl Sandberg

Ok if you’ve hung around my site for awhile, you know that I’m a big fan of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. I discovered this book after listening to a podcast back in 2015 and have referred back to it dozens of times since. One of the best things about Sandberg’s writing is that she relies on statistics and data and is un-emotional about topics that are pretty much saturated with controversy in today’s world. Favorite chapters: Sit at the Table and It’s a Jungle Gym, Not a Ladder.

How to Enjoy Your Life and Your Job, by Dale Carnegie

Certainly not a new title, but definitely one of the greatest human behavior books ever written. Dale Carnegie’s timeless observations about how to get cooperation, banish boredom, and reason with anyone are so simply stated and ridiculously effective that you’ll actually find yourself nodding along as you read. Did I mention that this book is not new? It was copyrighted in 1970! Still, I’m consistently amazed at how applying Carnegie’s techniques has smoothed out misunderstandings and helped me to be a better conversationalist. Favorite chapters: The High Road to Reason, An Appeal That Everybody Likes, and How to Make People Like You Instantly.

Which self-help books have had a big impact on you? Got any recommendations for me? Comment below!

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